Charity (NR)

F, (1800 - after 1850)
  • Birth*: Charity (NR) was born in 1800 in South Carolina.
  • Marriage*: She married James Hodges (NR).
  • Death*: Charity (NR) died after 1850 family story per Jeanne Luersen (Dec 2002): Charity died in Alabama (or on the way to Texas). They packed her in charcoal and buried her in the Old Burt Cemetery in Halletsville, Texas. This could not be true because she's on the 1860 census in Butler County, Alabama with husband James.
  • Note*: She per 1830 Butler County, Alabama, Charity could be Daniel's mother.
  • (Witness) Census1830: The 1830 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of James Hodges (NR)'s household; James Hedges household: Free White males Under 5=1(?); Free White Males 5-9=2 (Daniel?, Alfred); Free White Males 30-39=1 (James); Free White Females Under 5=2 (Mary C., Delilah); Free White Females 5-9=1 (?); Free White Females 20-29=1(Charity).
  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of James Hodges (NR)'s household; Hodges, James, head, 55/m, farmer, born South Carolina.
  • Land Transaction*: Charity (NR) and James Hodges (NR) were sold land to Henry E. Parker of same county and state for $692.31. "West half of the north west fourth and the south west fourth of due north west quarter of Section No One in Township No Eight of Range fourteen" on 19-Dec-1857 in Butler County, Alabama.
  • (Witness) Census1860: The 1860 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of James Hodges (NR)'s household; J Hadges, 65, born abt 1795, South Carolina.
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Family: James Hodges (NR) b. 1795, d. Oct 1870

Sarah (NR)

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(?) (?)

M, (24-Jan-1804 - )
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Family: Vashti Baker b. 22 Jan 1809

Abigail (?)

F, ( - 24-Mar-1768)
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Family: Jotham Brigham b. 23 Dec 1695, d. 23 Nov 1759

Addie (?)

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Agnes (?)

F, ( - before 1-Feb-1758)
  • Marriage*: Agnes (?) married David 1 McClure in Leicester, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
  • Death*: Agnes (?) died before 1-Feb-1758.
  • Will*: She left a will on 20-Jun-1750 in Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts; Will Book Volume 2, pages 408-410
    In the name of God amen. The 20th day of June 1750 I Agnes McClure of Brookfield in the County of Worcester and province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England being sick of body but of perfect mind and memory thanks being to God but calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for women once to die do make this my last will and testament. (illegible) to say principally & first of all I give & recomend My soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buryed in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall become the same again by the mighty power of God.
    And as touching such worldly estate wherewith all it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give demise and bequeath of the same in the following manner & form.
    My will is that my just debts & funeral charges be first paid.
    Item - I give and bequeath to my son John two pounds thirteen shillings & five pence lawful money out of my estate.
    Item - I give and bequeath to my son James five shillings lawful money out of my estate.
    Item - I give and bequeath to Margaret my daughter my riding hood & velvet hood and a small spinning wheel.
    Item - I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my daughter two of my gowns that is to say a worsted green gown the other a sheep wool.
    Item - I give and bequeath to Jenny my daughter the other two of my gowns viz a silk crape the other a worsted wool.
    Item - I give and bequeath to Sarah my daughter one pound six shillings eight pence lawful money out of my estate and my best feather bed and its furniture also two heifers the one red one with some white coming three years old the other a brown white faced heifer coming in two years old.
    Item - I give and bequeath to my son David all my estate whereof I shall own (illegible) and possession of every sort and kind as oxen cows heifers horses sheep swine household stuff of what name or nature soever or wherever found after my decease, not already bequested in this my last will and testament.
    Item - I constitute make and ordain my sons John & David McClure the Executors of this my lasts will and testament and I do hereby (illegible) (illegible) revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments wills legacys & bequests & executors by me in my life (illegible) named will’d and bequethd (illegible) (illegible) (illegible) (illegible) this and no other to be my last will and testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name & seal the day & year above within. Agnes (her mark) McClure (seal).
    Signed sealed published pronounced and declared by the said Agnes McClure as her last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers William Erik Thomas Hamilton Elizabeth (her mark) Gill.
    Worcester. To all people to these presents Shall come John Chandler Esq. Judge of the Court of Wills in the County of Worcester within the Province of the Massachusetts in New England (illegible) Greeting.
    Know ye that on the first day of Febry anno domini 1758 the instrument I hereto annexed is supporting the last will and Testament of Agnes McClure late of Brookfield in said County of Worcester Widow’s bond was presented for Probate by David McClure one of the executors the other Executor therein named refusing to (illegible) (illegible)
    William Gill and Thomas Hamilton two of the witnesses hereto subscribed who on oath that they saw the said Testatrix sign seal & hear her declare the said instrument to be the last will & testament and that they with Elizabeth Gill the other witness subscribed their names together as witnesses to the execution thereof in (illegible) presence and that she was (illegible) to the best of their judgment of sound & disposing mind. I do prove approve and of the said instrument as the last will & testament of the before named dec’d and document the adm thereof in all matters the same concerning and of the estate whereof the dec’d served and prospered and possessed in said county into David McClure the before named Executor (illegible) faithfully to execute the said (illegible) according hereto who (illegible) of him and according trust and gave bond to fulfill the will and he shall and or upon oath of this proceedings when (illegible) (illegible) (illegible) (illegible).
    In witness whereof I have herein to set my hand & seal of office the day & year above written John Chandler
    By order of the Honorable Judge (illegible)
    Transcribed from SAMPUBCO copy by Anita Cooper: (
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Alice (?)

F, ( - 8-May-1694)
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Alice A. (?)

F, (1854 - )
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Alice Amanda (?)

F, (1809 - 11-Jan-1872)
  • Birth*: Alice Amanda (?) was born in 1809 in Canada.
  • Marriage*: She married Amos Adams Hill.
  • Death*: Alice Amanda (?) died on 11-Jan-1872.
  • (Witness) Census1850: The 1850 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Amos Adams Hill's household; head, 48/m, saddler, 300, N Hampshire.
  • (Witness) Census1860: The 1860 Federal Census enumerated her as a member of Amos Adams Hill's household; , saddler, born New Hampshire, with Alice A Hill, 51, born Canada, M D Hill,f, 19 born Massachusetts, Semons Gary 70 (Seymour Garey) born Connecticut.
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Family: Amos Adams Hill b. 27 Jan 1802

Allie V. (?)

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Family: J. C. "Bud" Adams b. 2 Nov 1899, d. 6 Dec 1994

Ane (?)

F, ( - circa 1776)
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Family: Anders Hansen Dreyer b. c 1719, d. c 1789

Ann (?)

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Family: John Critcheitt

Anna (?)

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Family: John Mahurin

Anna Marie (?)

F, (1805 - 1850)
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Apphia (?)

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Arlene (?)

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Audrie L. (?)

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Family: Guy Stephenson

Barbara (?)

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Barbara (?)

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Bernice (?)

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Family: Arden Burris Burris b. 1915, d. 28 May 1959

Bertha (?)

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Betsy (?)

F, (circa 1789 - 29-Apr-1823)
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Bridget (?)

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Family: John Moore

Caldonia (?)

F, (18-Apr-1856 - 20-Jun-1909)
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Carol (?)

F, (5-Dec-1953 - )
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Catherine or Johanna (?)

  • Marriage*: Catherine or Johanna (?) married John Strutt.
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Family: John Strutt

Corrine (?)

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Deborah (?)

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Family: Caleb Cooper b. 1812

Dedia (?)

F, (1818 - )
  • Birth*: Dedia (?) was born in 1818.
  • Marriage*: She married Joseph H. Goode.
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Family: Joseph H. Goode b. 1809

Diana (?)

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