Francis Caroline Wofford

F, (Nov 20, 1840 - Jan 23, 1934)
FatherJohn (4) Wofford b. Mar 2, 1801
MotherMary "Polly" Smith b. circa 1800
     Francis Caroline Wofford was born on Nov 20, 1840 at Jasper County, Texas. She married Daniel (Progenitor) Hodges in 1866. Francis Caroline Hodges died on Jan 23, 1934 at Three Rivers, Live Oak County, at age 93 [living with her daughter, Mary Neal, when she died of senility; informant Mrs Mattie Cozart, daughter] and was buried at Weesatche Cemetery, Goliad County; Beck Funeral Home, Three Rivers, TX. -Carolyn Burnett on says she is buried at Kirsch Family Ranch, Moore, Frio County, Texas. Deborah Cozart Kirsch home. Francis is not buried there.
     She sold 53 acres for $660.00 on Sep 22, 1906 at Goliad, Goliad County, Texas. She and Mary Hodges were good friends according to granddaughter, Bonnie Hodges Bannowsky.


Daniel (Progenitor) Hodges b. Nov 10, 1822, d. Dec 4, 1904

Martha Ann Elizabeth Hollan

F, (1841 - Apr 9, 1882)
     Martha Ann Elizabeth Hollan was born in 1841. She married Hugh John Stephenson. Martha Ann Elizabeth Hollan died on Apr 9, 1882. She was buried at Hollan Cemetery, Yoakum, DeWitt County, Texas.


Hugh John Stephenson

Charles Courtney

M, (1841 - )
FatherTruman Courtney b. 1816, d. between Aug 30, 1850 and Sep 5, 1851
MotherAmanda Garey b. between 1819 and 1821, d. after 1880
Relationship2nd great-granduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
     Charles Courtney was born in 1841 at Willet, Cortland County, New York. He married Jane Ivey on Mar 16, 1870 at Gonzales County, Texas.


Jane Ivey

Harriet Garey

F, (1841 - )
FatherAmbrose Garey Jr. b. Dec 20, 1788, d. Feb 17, 1861
MotherLaura Comstock b. Aug 20, 1806, d. May 4, 1887
Relationship1st cousin 5 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Harriet Garey was born in 1841.

Sarah Elizabeth (?)

F, (1841 - )
     Sarah Elizabeth (?) was born in 1841 at South Carolina. She married John E. Cooper, son of John Edward Cooper and Sarah "Sally" Marshall.


John E. Cooper b. 1838, d. Sep 27, 1861

Marcus Benton Cooper

M, (Feb 3, 1841 - Oct 9, 1871)
FatherJoseph Newton Cooper Sr. b. Nov 12, 1798, d. Jun 4, 1877
MotherMartha Jean Ferguson b. Sep 3, 1808, d. Feb 21, 1852
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Marcus Benton Cooper was born on Feb 3, 1841 at Owen, Indiana. He married Emily Butin. Marcus Benton Cooper died on Oct 9, 1871 at Gainesburg, Jasper County, Iowa, at age 30.
     He served during Civil War.


Emily Butin b. Oct 18, 1847, d. Apr 21, 1927

Emily Bissett

F, (Feb 20, 1841 - Dec 30, 1920)
     Emily Bissett was born on Feb 20, 1841 at Pickins County, Alabama. She married Joshua Butler. Emily Bissett died on Dec 30, 1920 at DeWitt County, Texas, at age 79.


Joshua Butler b. Aug 2, 1801, d. Feb 18, 1885

George Tyler Otis

M, (Jun 2, 1841 - Jul 2, 1933)
FatherWilliam F. Otis b. Dec 1, 1801, d. Aug 22, 1879
MotherSabrina Rice b. Sep 6, 1803, d. Feb 23, 1885
Relationship1st cousin 4 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     George Tyler Otis was born on Jun 2, 1841 at Fearing Township, Washington County, Ohio. He died on Jul 2, 1933 at age 92.

Nancy Ann Baker

F, (Jul 31, 1841 - Dec 9, 1875)
FatherWilliam B. Baker b. Jan 24, 1804, d. Nov 17, 1870
MotherVashti White b. Jan 22, 1809, d. Jun 14, 1860
     Nancy Ann Baker was born on Jul 31, 1841 at Fayette County, Alabama. She married William Wilson Rice, son of Thomas (McClure) Rice and Elizabeth Wilson, on Nov 17, 1857 at Guadalupe County, Texas. Nancy Ann Rice died on Dec 9, 1875 at age 34.
     Truman Rice told this story: Two men were on the old William Wilson Rice ranch. They had a metal detector and was walking around with it on the ground. The metal detector sounded. they dug down into the ground and found a large old oak log that had been hollowed out. Inside the log was the skeleton of a woman. She had a gold locket around her neck. This was believed the burial ground of William Wilson Rice's first wife, Nancy Ann Baker. The men left everything alone and reburied the remains.


William Wilson Rice b. Jan 1, 1835, d. Aug 18, 1886

Nancy E. Goyne

F, (Oct 7, 1841 - )
FatherJohn R. Goyne b. Feb 18, 1809, d. circa 1870
MotherElizabeth Byars b. Mar 4, 1812
Relationship1st cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Nancy E. Goyne was born on Oct 7, 1841 at Jefferson County, Alabama. She married Henry S. Pulliam on Aug 4, 1869 at Lamar County, Texas.

Lucinda Feagans

F, (Oct 10, 1841 - Mar 11, 1906)
     Lucinda Feagans was born on Oct 10, 1841 at North Carolina. She married Rufus Landrum Cooper, son of John Edward Cooper and Sarah "Sally" Marshall, in 1859 at Rutherford, North Carolina. Lucinda Feagans died on Mar 11, 1906 at Grayson, Grayson County, Texas, at age 64.

Jörgen Christiansen

M, (Dec 19, 1841 - May 29, 1898)
Jorgen Christiansen
     Jörgen Christiansen was born on Dec 19, 1841 at Ordrup, St. Taastrup, Denmark. He married Johanne Peders-Datter, daughter of Peder Johansen and Karen Hansdatter, on Oct 15, 1871 at Haraldsted, Denmark. Jörgen Christiansen died on May 29, 1898 at Racine, Wisconsin, at age 56 paralysis of heart and was buried at Mound Cemetery in Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin; grave 8, lot 90, block 20.
     He was husmand (small land holder), daglejer (worker at a farm who was engaged for one day at a time) at Denmark. He resided in 1882 at Racine, Wisconsin; is listed as a blacksmith in the years 1882, 1883-84, 1885, 1887, 1888, 1890-91, 1895. He and Johanne Christiansen appeared on the census of Jun 20, 1885 at Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin, household of 3 males (Jorgen, Hoffman, Niels John), 2 females (Johanna, Frederikke), all born in Scandanavia. Jörgen Christiansen was naturalized on Dec 3, 1889 at Racine County, Wisconsin; applied November 6, 1882; witnessed by Wm Anderson and K. W. Jensen; oath of alligance on December 3, 1884.


Johanne Peders-Datter b. Jul 25, 1829, d. Nov 9, 1908

Mary Wheelace

F, (1842 - )
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Anita Jean Cooper
     Mary Wheelace was born in 1842 at Illinois. She married Daniel (Progenitor) Hodges. Mary Hodges died at Karnes County, Texas.
     She and Francis Caroline Wofford were good friends according to granddaughter, Bonnie Hodges Bannowsky.


Daniel (Progenitor) Hodges b. Nov 10, 1822, d. Dec 4, 1904

Francis Marshall

F, (1842 - )
FatherWilliam (Progenitor) Marshall b. 1808
MotherNancy Wortham b. 1806
RelationshipGreat-grandaunt of Anita Jean Cooper
     Francis Marshall was born in 1842 at Alabama.

Lafayette Garey

M, (1842 - May 4, 1852)
FatherSeymour Garey b. Mar 16, 1792, d. 1874
MotherAnna Kingsbury b. 1800, d. 1851
Relationship3rd great-granduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
     Lafayette Garey was born in 1842 at Texas. He died on May 4, 1852 at DeWitt County, Texas.

Erastus or Austeen Garey

M, (1842 - )
FatherAmbrose Garey Jr. b. Dec 20, 1788, d. Feb 17, 1861
MotherLaura Comstock b. Aug 20, 1806, d. May 4, 1887
Relationship1st cousin 5 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Erastus or Austeen Garey was born in 1842.

Amos Wilson

M, (1842 - )
FatherHugh Wilson Jr. b. 1797, d. Sep 16, 1867
MotherMary Clockey b. between 1802 and 1804, d. Sep 24, 1870
Relationship1st cousin 4 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Amos Wilson married Angeline Owen. Amos Wilson was born in 1842 at Ohio.

Elizabeth Bowen

F, (1842 - )
FatherGreen George Bowen b. 1812, d. 1890
MotherMary Elizabeth Fobar b. circa 1813
     Elizabeth Bowen was born in 1842.

Matilda Hodges

F, (1842 - )
FatherJames Hodges b. 1795, d. Oct, 1870
MotherCharity (?) b. 1800, d. circa 1860
     Matilda Hodges was born in 1842 at Alabama.

Sarah Owens

F, (1842 - )
FatherHaslet (Haskill) Owens
MotherElizabeth Cooper b. Nov 7, 1823
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Sarah Owens was born in 1842.

James C. Cooper

M, (1842 - )
FatherCaleb Cooper b. 1812
MotherDeborah (?)
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     James C. Cooper was born in 1842 at South Carolina.

James Fatheree

M, (1842 - )
FatherAlfred Fatheree b. 1811, d. before 1850
MotherEliza Hollan b. 1817, d. 1863
     James Fatheree was born in 1842.

S. Bonner Byars

M, (1842 - )
FatherAbraham (Abram) Byars b. Mar 3, 1806, d. Mar 18, 1885
MotherSarah Mooreland b. 1806
Relationship1st cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     S. Bonner Byars was born in 1842 at Mississippi.

John C. W. (W.C.) Cooper

M, (between 1842 and 1843 - )
FatherBenson G. Cooper b. 1813, d. 1863
MotherDelphia Lindsey b. 1812, d. 1860
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     John C. W. (W.C.) Cooper was born between 1842 and 1843. He married Rachel Martin, daughter of Samuel Martin and Rachel A. (?), on Aug 1, 1866.
     John C. W. (W.C.) Cooper and Benson G. Cooper emigrated in 1845 from Brinkley, Monroe County, Arkansas. John C. W. (W.C.) Cooper served during Civil War "espoused the Southern cause and joined Company E, Twenty-fifth Arkansas Infantry, and operated in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia, and was a participant in eighteen different engagements, among which may be mentioned Shiloh, Richmond, New Hope, Peach Tree Creek, Murfreesboro, Missionary Ridge and Chcikamauga, and was all through the Atlanta campaign. He returned with Hood to Tennessee and was in the engagements at Franklin and Nashville, but was captured at the last-named place and taken to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he was retained until after Lee's surrender. On being released he went to Fort Riley, Kan., but soon after returned home..." He and his elder brother, Dillard L., served together throughout the war, and during their entire service were never separated but eight days, and that was while our subject was in the hospital, after being wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro."


Rachel Martin b. 1844

Thomas Richard Rice

M, (Feb 11, 1842 - May 11, 1887)
FatherThomas (McClure) Rice b. 1801, d. Sep 18, 1842
MotherElizabeth Wilson b. 1805, d. Jul 8, 1859
Relationship2nd great-granduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
Thomas Richard Rice
     Thomas Richard Rice was born on Feb 11, 1842 at DeWitt County, Texas. He married Martha Ann Alexander, daughter of James Sidney Alexander and Anna S Allison, on May 12, 1864 at DeWitt County. Thomas Richard Rice died on May 11, 1887 at DeWitt County, Texas, at age 45.
     He served during Civil War between 1861 and 1865 was a Sergeant in the 2nd Texas Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Mounted Rifles, Capt. Matt Nolan, Rio Grande Regiment, John S. (Rip) Ford, Commander. Military Service Record card found on Thomas Rice, Sgt, 2nd Tex Cav; Name appears on a LIST OF PRISONERS OF WAR, Surrendered and paroled at Victoria, Texas, prior to Aug. 8, 1865. Residence: DeWitt Co, Texas. Thomas R. Rice is listed in the "Texas Civil War Soldiers Index" page 210, ( Rice, Thomas R., TX 2nd Calvary Regiment Co G. List of engagements of the 2nd Texas Cavalry: (1) Engagement, Valverde, NM Terr, Feb 21, 1862; (2) Skirmish, Apache Canon, near Santa Fe, N M Terr, March 26, 1862; (3) Engagement, Glorietta (Pigeon Ranch), NM Terr. March 28, 1862; (4) Skirmish near Fort Craig, NM.Terr.(detachment)May 23, 1862; (5) Skirmish, Des Allemands, LA (detachment) Sept 9, 1862; (6) Engagement, Galveston, TX (detachment)Jan 1, 1863;  Skirmish, Jackson's Cross Roads, LA June 20, 1863; (7) Skirmish, Vidalia, LA, Sept 14, 1863; Skirmish, Cross Bayou, LA, Sept 14, 1863; Campaign in Western LA and Operations in The Teche Country, Oct 3 - Nov 30, 1863; Skirmish, Los Patricios, TX (detachment), Mar 13, 1864; Operations against Banks' Red River, Campaign Mar 13 - May 22, 1864; (8) Engagement, Wilson's Farm, Apr 7, 1864; (9) near Pleasant Hill LA, April 8 & 9th 1864; (10)Skirmish, Bayou de Paul (Carroll's Mills) April 8, 1864 (11)Battle, Sabine Cross Roads, April 8, 1864;
(12) Mansfield April 8, 1864; (13)Skirmish, Cloutiersville, LA, April 23 - 24, 1864;
(14)Skirmish, Alexandria, LA, April 27 - 29, 1864; May 13, 1864; Skirmish, David's Ferry LA, May 3, 1864; Action, Graham's Plantation, LA, May 5, 1864; Skirmish, Bayou LaMourie, LA, May 6, 1864; (15)Operations against the Retreat from Alexandria to Morganza, LA, May 13 - 20, 1864; (16)Engagement, Yellow Bayou, Bayou de Glaze Norwood Plantation (Old Oaks) LA, May 18, 1864; Action, Steamer "City Belle", LA, May 30, 1864; (17)Affair, Eagle Pass, TX. (detachment) June 19, 1864; (18)Skirmish, Rancho Las Rinas, TX, (detachment), June 25, 1864; (19)Skirmish, Palmetto Ranch near Brazos Santiago, TX, Sept 6, 1864; (20)Skirmish, Bocca Chico Pass, TX, Oct 14, 1864; (21) Surrender, Galveston, TX, June 2, 1865.
Quartermaster Depot in Victoria County, Texas where Thomas surrendered and was paroled from?
Where was it actually located?
Are there any records showing the date of Thomas' surrender and parole?
Why would he have surrendered?
Did he surrender as an individual or with his Company/Regiment?
What battles was he involved in?
The surrender at Victoria was only a formality. He was never really taken prisoner. The Depot did exist in Victoria. It had been a militia camp at the beginning of the war. Some of the Company's of the 2nd Texas Cavalry were scattered throughout the state guarding the border and the route to and from New Mexico. I cannot determine if Thomas' company actually went to New Mexico in that campaign or not. Some companies did and some companies guarded the route. He was likely involved in the recapture of Galveston, January 1, 1863 but the Confederate force was so large that there is no way of telling if he actually saw action there. He probably do not go off with the 2nd Texas Cavalry to Louisiana since he is shown as being on recruiting detail in Dewitt County in 1864.
I know that this is kind of sketchy but it's all that I have. I hope that this helps."
Frank Johnson, Commander, 11th Brigade, Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, June 12, 2011. He was on the tax rolls at DeWitt County, Texas, on Aug 3, 1867 and stated that he lived in the precinct and county for 10 years, state for 21 years. He recorded three cattle brands on May 22, 1874 at Terryville, DeWitt County, Texas. The 1880 Federal Census enumerated him as head of household on Jun 5, 1880 DeWitt County, Texas; Thomas Rice, head, w/m/38, farmer, born Texas, father born Ohio, mother born Ireland; Martha Ann w/f/35, born North Carolina, father born North Carolina, mother born South Carolina, Nanny Ann w/f/14, Sidney Lola w/f/10, Talitha w/f/8, Charles Allison w/m/5, Joann Alfretta w/f/2, all born Texas. He is listed on the tax rolls as having 100 acres, 1 carriage, 3 horses, 100 mules, 3 cattle for a total value of $665 in 1885 at DeWitt County, Texas. He sold property inherited from Elizabeth Rice's estate to Mary A. Rice, widow of William W. Rice on Apr 20, 1887.


Martha Ann Alexander b. Feb 14, 1855, d. Mar 31, 1890

Mary Nott

F, (Mar, 1842 - )
FatherThomas Nott b. Aug 12, 1814, d. May 25, 1893
MotherLuceba Cardine Witham b. 1816, d. Aug 19, 1900
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Mary Nott was born in Mar, 1842.

Mogens Peter Lønberg

M, (May 11, 1842 - Mar 16, 1900)
FatherErik Lønberg b. Aug 10, 1791, d. Oct 20, 1857
MotherKirsten Christiansdatter b. Aug 24, 1811, d. after 1895
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of Anita Jean Cooper
Mogens Lønberg
     Mogens Peter Lønberg was born on May 11, 1842 at Englerup, Sigersted Parish, Denmark. He was christened on Jul 10, 1842 at Sigersted Parish, Denmark. He married Karen Marie Christensdatter, daughter of Christen Rasmussen and Ane Hansdatter, on Dec 4, 1869 at Roskilde Cathederal. Mogens Peter Lønberg died on Mar 16, 1900 at age 57 when Marie was 16 years old.


Karen Marie Christensdatter b. Dec 16, 1838, d. Jun 12, 1912

Joseph Earl Autrey

M, (Jun 15, 1842 - Oct 17, 1893)
FatherIsham Autrey
MotherAliena Louise Byars b. Mar 24, 1817, d. Nov 7, 1886
Relationship1st cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Joseph Earl Autrey was born on Jun 15, 1842 at Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. He married Louisiana A. Hollan, daughter of Wade Hampton Hollan and Emily Kelly, on Nov 3, 1865 at DeWitt County, Texas. Joseph Earl Autrey died on Oct 17, 1893 at DeWitt County, Texas, at age 51 and was buried at Hollan Cemetry.


Louisiana A. Hollan b. Mar 15, 1847, d. Jul 21, 1915

Joseph Jeremiah Byars

M, (Jun 17, 1842 - Feb 20, 1907)
FatherJohn Byars b. 1820, d. circa 1844
MotherMelissa Mary Middlebrook b. circa 1820, d. between 1846 and 1849
Relationship1st cousin 3 times removed of Anita Jean Cooper
     Joseph Jeremiah Byars was born on Jun 17, 1842 at Chickasaw County, Mississippi. He married Georgia Ann Sirmon on Aug 8, 1867 at DeWitt County, Texas. Joseph Jeremiah Byars died on Feb 20, 1907 at Dripping Springs, Hays County, Texas, at age 64.


Georgia Ann Sirmon b. Feb 1, 1848, d. Feb 8, 1930

George W. Cooper

M, (Jul 10, 1842 - Apr 28, 1862)
FatherCader Cooper b. Apr 26, 1796, d. Sep 22, 1842
MotherSarah Byars b. Apr 9, 1799, d. Oct 18, 1864
RelationshipGreat-granduncle of Anita Jean Cooper
     George W. Cooper was born on Jul 10, 1842 at Talladega, Alabama. He died on Apr 28, 1862 at Chimborazo Hospital No. 5, Richmond, Virginia, at age 19 of Fibris Continua (malaria?). He was due 4 months and 17 days pay at $11 per month. The Confederate States of America, Treasury Department of the Second Auditor's Office on August 25, 1862, issued a Treasury Certificate for $50.23 made payable to Joseph T. Cooper, Attorney, for Sarah Cooper, mother and a widow. In court papers filed in Mississippi regarding this death of her son, she was shown to be living in Monroe County, Mississippi (the county next to Chickasaw County.) He was buried Soldiers' section, Section B, Grave #182; handled purchasing and installation in Hollywood Cemetery. Erected January 2009. Thesymbolwas designed by the Veteran's Administration and is reserved for Confederate soldiers. It is called the "Southern Cross of Honor". at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.
     He served during Civil War on April 22, 1861, he joined the Buena Vista Rifles, Mississippi Volunteers. He joined Company A of the 17th Mississippi Infantry as a Private on May 30, 1861, in Corinth, Mississippi, at age 19 for a 12 month enlistment by T. L. Rogers. He was a farmer and single. He fought along with his two brothers, Sylvester and Joseph T. He served in the 17th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers until his death.